Sunday, March 3, 2013

Weekend Writing Warriors 03/03/2013

It's that time again. Another 8 sentences from Eternity's Price for my Weekend Writing Warriors post. Because I'm going in order, here's another snippet from the same scene I pulled my first one from 2 weeks ago. This one is from right before Catie walks into the room. I just think that Eli is so darn cute here. It's kind of funny. Technically it's 9 sentences, but since one of those sentences is a single word, I hope you guys will grant me a little latitude.

He smelled her before he saw her. Catie. Even after twelve years, even her scent was recognizable. He quickly adjusted his tie and smoothed his hair back, then laughed at himself. Catie had seen him in army fatigues and covered in soot, she would hardly care about his tie not quite being right, or his hair not being perfect. With effort, he attempted to school his expression, glad that he had asked Marcus to handle this one. The door opened and she was there, her dark brown curls framing her perfect face. He gave her a small smile, and then cut her off as she looked about to say something. "Pretend I'm not even here."

Can I just say that I love vampires? I love that he could smell her, and recognize her scent, through a closed door. Next week I'll probably post some dialogue and you can see them actually interacting. Check out all the other great writers over at

This is where I would normally tell you to come back on Wednesday for my weekly ramble, but I'm adding a new feature. Come back tomorrow to check out something I haven't come up with a name for yet. :P


  1. Great snippet. Very visual. Is Catie before or after Esther? :-)

  2. The last line had me chuckling. Yeah, right. Pretend she isn't there.

  3. Loved the smelled before he saw her line. Looking forward to the conversation between these two.

  4. Intriguing snippet. I was enjoying it and it was over too soon LOL! Can't wait for next week...

  5. Nice. I can't wait to see them talking to each other.