Saturday, June 29, 2013

Wewriwa 06-30-2013 And debt repaid

Welcome back everyone. It's time for another snippet of Eternity's Price, my paranormal romance in progress.

The last two weeks we've been watching Eli deal with some major guilt. But we've been watching through Catie's eyes. This snippet is from that same night. Catie is currently in one of Eli's guest rooms as a compromise so that she can be nearby if he needs her, but they aren't sharing a room. We're going to be in Eli's POV for this one. He's alone in his room, and feeling pretty awful about himself. He's looking out his bedroom window as the sun starts to come up - and for a minute he considers leaving his curtains open. Until he thinks of Catie.

Even with her gift blocked, even with him blocking her out, would she be able to block that - or would she feel him die? Could he really put her through that? He thought of the night he had met her. Her anguished scream still rang in his ears, after all this time. No... he loved her too damn much to do that to her. He closed the curtains, again, making sure that they were completely closed. Then he went and laid down again, letting himself fall asleep as the sun came up. His last thought as he fell asleep was that she had repaid her debt - not that he could ever tell her that.

And yes, the answer to the question from last week is that they did break up. They have some serious issues to work out before they can try this again. And before you guys ask - no you didn't miss anything. While there have been a couple hints about something horrible happening the night they met, I haven't shown what that was, yet. It will all come out eventually.

And now for the song I was listening to while writing this scene. It's just perfect for what Eli was feeling in this moment.

Thanks for stopping by. As always, any comments are more than welcome. Next week, we'll see Catie's reaction to what has gone on that night. In the meantime, don't forget to check out all the other great writers at

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Wewriwa 06-23-2013 - Not mine, anymore

Welcome back everyone. Been sick this week, so didn't even try to get back on schedule. But, it's Sunday again, and that means time for another snippet from Eternity's Price, my paranormal romance in progress.

Last week, we saw Eli walk into a concert memorial looking nothing like his usual self - and blocking Catie from sensing his emotions. Shortly after that, he walks out, and Catie of course follows him. A bit of background to make this snippet make sense: After the night they started dating, he started calling her Mia. It's short for her middle name of Amelia, but it also means "mine" in Italian - Catie's native language. This snippet is from right after something Eli said, that including him calling her Catie again. We're still in Catie's POV.

She wanted to tell him that she didn't want to be alone, that even though she knew that it would only hurt more later, she didn't want to be alone now. So much she wanted to say; and all of it would only hurt him more. So she instead focused on the thing that had hurt her. "You're calling me Catie, again, as if this past week never happened..."

"Yes, I'm calling you Catie again. I don't have a right to call you anything else. I don't have a right to call you mine. Not when I know that you deserve so much better"

And it goes from bad to worse. Did he just break up with her? Come back next week to find out. And in the meantime don't forget to check out all the other great writers over at And finally today, the song I was listening to while writing this scene. Fair warning, it's in Italian - but it seemed fitting for Catie under the circumstances.

P.S. Forgive me if my punctuation is a mess. I admit that the first sentence may be a run-on, but I'm not sure how to fix it, right now. And I just noticed the issue.

Edit: My computer and Blogspot were not playing nice together last night. Edited to fix all the extra blank lines.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Wewriwa 06-16-2013 heartbreak

Welcome back everyone. It's that time again. Time for my snippet from my paranormal romance Eternity's Price for the Weekend Writing Warriors. Over the past several weeks we've watched Catie and Eli go from being best friends, to dating and how they've been handling that. This week, they're about to be thrown their first curveball. A concert memorial for the recent dead of the city has been thrown by a friend of Eli's, and that is making him think of Esther.

For this snippet we are in Catie's point of view, and Eli has just walked into the venue.

Suddenly, even with her gift blocked for the evening, she could just feel Eli's presence; it was like there was an empty place in the room that had just been filled. She turned and saw him, dressed far more casually than she had ever seen him before in jeans, a t-shirt with a white button down shirt with only half of the buttons done up and... sneakers? Catie would have never guessed that Eli even owned sneakers. He leaned against the wall, watching the concert, his face seeming to be set in stone, his eyes flashing with regret and pain. Catie reached out to him with her mind, only to find herself blocked. Just like he had in France, he had somehow blocked her out. How in the world was he doing that? He looked so helpless, so hopeless, and her heart broke for him.

Yeah... this is not going to go well, I don't think. Come back next week to see what happens when they're alone after the concert. And in the meantime, be sure to check out all the other great writers over at Thanks for stopping by, and please feel free to leave a comment.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Wewriwa 06/09/2013 "Ya'll just make your head explode."

Welcome back! It's that time again. Time for another snippet from my paranormal romance, Eternity's Price. This week is from the scene I've been promising you for the past two weeks. After Catie managed to confuse the heck out of Eli a couple weeks ago, he's decided to talk to a friend of his about it. The theory is that if the confusion is an age thing, rather than gender, William should be able to explain it. Yeah... it's not the difference in ages. This scene is actually taking place the night after the last two scenes, which both took place the same night. We start with William speaking.

"Dude, she's a chick. Do yourself a favor and don't bother trying to understand her. Ya'll just make your head explode"

"So it's not just an age thing?"

William burst into laughter. "Nah, it ain't just an age thing. So, care to explain how in the world ya've never run into this issue before? I know for a fact this ain't your first relationship; ya've never run into this with Esther?"

 I'm not sure I captured his dialect properly. I can hear his accent in my head, but seem to be having trouble capturing it, properly. But, that's William. I may actually post his bio on Friday rather than the one I had planned for Nicolaus.

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Friday, June 7, 2013

Why I love writing about vampires

Way back in grammar school and high school, when I first started writing, I never imagined that I would someday call myself a paranormal romance writer. Granted, back then I don't know that I would have even known what that was. So, why am I sitting here writing this story of all the kinds of stories there are - and why am I planning more?

Well, what made me start writing this particular story is a bit of a long story itself. But in the end it was that these two characters grabbed me by the throat and wouldn't let go. But, along the way, I've discovered that I really like writing this kind of story. I really LIKE writing about vampires. Not as the bad guys in a horror story, but as the good guys in a romance. And there are a lot of reasons for that. So, without further ado:

They have some pretty awesome abilities, that are a lot of fun to write about. So far I have explored, to just a limited extent, their incredible speed and strength. And, to a greater extent, the telepathy and minor mind control that these particular vampires have announced they have. Then there is the fact that Catie is an empath - which she was before she became a vampire, but that is still something you can only really have in a paranormal.

There is the built in question of their own morality. After all, they need human blood to survive. What they are and are not willing to do to acquire that sustenance can say quite a bit about them. There is a ton of characterization involved just in how they feel about their own physical needs, what they do to meet those needs, and how they feel about THAT. I was able to say more about Catie in a single line in the opening scene than I could have said in PAGES of trying to explain her. And in the second scene there is a short conversation that says even more about Eli. Neither of those things would have been possible if they weren't vampires.

They're immortal. So, I get to play with some ridiculously old characters. This amuses me, for some reason. Especially when I get to research dead languages and figure out my oldest characters' backstories. Yes, I find that kind of research fun.

But, perhaps my favorite reason is also the silliest. Vampires have the single most poetic euphemism for suicide EVER. I mean, really... as a way of talking about suicide goes, does it get any prettier than "watch a sunrise?"

What about you? What are your reasons for reading/writing the genres you read/write? What is it about those kinds of stories that draws you to them?

I'm way behind again. But if I can find a suitable picture for him, I'll post Nicolaus's bio Friday or Saturday. And of course on Sunday I'll have another snippet for you guys.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Wewriwa 06/02/2013 Crafting memories

Hello everyone, and thanks for stopping by. Today for Weekend Writing Warriors I have another snippet from Eternity's Price, my paranormal romance in progress. Catie has been hunting, and has just eaten. Now it's time for clean up - not physical clean-up, but making her dinner forget what just happened, here.

He was looking at her with a dazed expression on his face, and she once again looked him in the eye. Slowly, carefully, she crafted a new memory for him, then put him to sleep. When he woke, he would remember meeting her in the tavern and bringing her home. And there his memory would split off from the truth. She rewarded him for the honor and integrity she had sensed in the tavern by giving him a memory of the best sex of his life. And then she left the apartment, locking his door behind her.

After going home with someone who lived so close by, she had lost that tavern as a hunting ground. Not that it mattered, anyway.

Well... that's one way to clean up after yourself, I guess. Next week we'll see what happens when Eli goes to talk to William about the conversation I posted last week. In the meantime, be sure to check out all the other great writers over at

Also, I will be out all day, so I'll start my hopping on Monday.