Sunday, March 31, 2013

Introducing: The Athenaeum

Elijah opened this club when he moved to Sangue Collina. It's a traditional British gentleman's club modeled after the kind of clubs he had been a member of over the centuries.It is a members only club, with two different sections. The first room is a normal club, with a bar and a stage for live entertainment, and most weekends there are singers or other such performers. A door to the left of the entrance takes you to the VIP Lounge, which is vampire only. The lighting in that area is brighter than in the first room, and there is another bar where they can order something a bit "stronger" than alcohol. Obviously, the night time bouncer and all of the staff in the VIP Lounge are also vampires. 

Walk through the VIP Lounge, and the door at the other end takes you to Eli's office. The mahogany desk and built-in floor to ceiling bookshelves are the most striking features, though his most prized possessions are some of the books on those shelves. He has several extremely rare and valuable first editions - though unlike most book collectors, he was the sole owner of many of them. To one side of the door to the rest of the club  is a set of double doors leading to the private quarters that he keeps as a place to sleep if he ends up working late.

About the picture: I couldn't find anything I liked for the main part of the club, or for Eli's more public office. This is kind of how I see his inner office - the first room past the double doors in his main office. It's the lounge in his private living quarters. Not perfect, and obviously the ropes aren't there, but this is close. I found the picture at morguefile no attribution necessary according to the license.

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