Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Schedules and I do not seem to mix

So... I'm sure that those of you who are regulars have noticed that I have not been keeping to my self-imposed schedule lately. In fact, the only posts I've been making sure of posting when I'm supposed to have been Sunday's Snippets. In addition to Friday's character bios tending to be done on Saturdays - I just now noticed that I never posted Monday's post at all. So, here's part of my problem:

Friday's posts keep getting delayed by the fact that I forget to do any research until that day. So, after spending a day and a half looking for pictures and then more time with whatever other research I have to do. Like with Marcus, I spent forever trying to figure out what he was dying of when Eli turned him. Then Jane gave me all kinds of trouble looking for a blasted picture. And to top it all off, I'm not even sure I really LIKE that picture for her. Oh well. Such is life.

I really can't tell you what happened on Monday. Though I suppose that part of it was not exactly being in a "positive thinking" kind of mood. Which logically, I know, means that I NEEDED my positive thinking quote. But, getting myself to actually look for one took a better mood than I was in at the time. Then yesterday I totally forgot about it, somehow.

Though, this blog isn't the only thing I'm not doing well with schedules on. My writing itself is falling way behind. On a brighter note, I finally finished a scene that has been driving me crazy for MONTHS, yesterday. So, yay me, I actually ACCOMPLISHED something. My goal is to finish my first draft by my birthday. This gives me four months to finish the first draft. If I would actually WRITE the blasted thing instead of constantly procrastinating about it this is very doable. It's still less than 1,000 words a day. And I'm actually making my daily target 1,000 words, which would theoretically mean finishing early or something. I'm figuring the total word count being around 100,000 words. No idea how close that estimate is going to be to the final total - which is is more reason to get on the ball just in case it ends up going over. I do NOT want to be pulling an all-nighter on June 30th trying to write who knows how much to get the book finished by my deadline.

Also. Totally unrelated, but I just wanted to comment... Someone posted a comment on another post and referred to me by name - let me tell you... having someone call me Isabella was a bit odd. This whole pen name thing is going to take some getting used to, I think...

And that is my semi-coherent ramble for today, come back Friday to meet... someone... I haven't decided who yet.


  1. I'm always running late with my blog posts too. With Blogger though you can schedule posts; maybe when you're on a kick write a couple extra for the next few weeks?

  2. I should try that. At the very least, write up a bunch of character bios, and get a Sunday Snippet for a scene ready as I finish the scene. And if I can ever decide on topics for Wednesday's Rambles ahead of time I can do those early, too. Now it's just a matter of getting up the mental energy to write the things early... LOL