Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The start of Camp Nano

So, Camp nano started on the first of the month. I was already behind by the end of day one, and so have been forgetting my blog in my so-far-unsuccessful attempts to catch up. Though at least I'm not the only one that is just not doing well, this year. I know of two other people (besides myself) who have already lowered their goal. I started out wanting to write 150k, I've lowered that to 100k. I'm on track to write 60k...

I don't know why I'm having so much trouble with it. I've gotten to the more fast-paced, holy-crap-is-this-really-happening? part, which SHOULD be easier to write. Though, it may also be because in a way I don't WANT to write this part. After all, it's also the sad part. Watching someone have a nervous breakdown is never easy, and being the one responsible for it is even harder.

I do have a slight out, though, in the form of scenes I know I accidentally skipped from the first half that I can turn to when the second half gets to be too much for me. If I finish this next scene today, maybe I'll "reward" myself with one of the less angsty scenes from earlier in the book.

I'm also going to play on the word wars board looking for word count pub crawls to do. having the entire Nano forums to be responsible to for getting a decent word count should hold me accountable, sort of.

In other, completely unrelated, news. I'm working on a role-playing website. I'm kind of hoping to have that ready to start in May. But, the book takes precedence, so the website may have to be put on hold for a bit. We'll see. Maybe I'll make my reward for hitting a daily goal be doing something on the site...

And I guess that's all for now. Come back on Friday for my 90 Day Writing Challenge check-in and why I write.

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