Monday, April 21, 2014

90 Day Writing Challenge - Week 5

Okay, we're going to pretend that I'm writing this on Friday just because... LOL Last week, I actually wrote every day. I got a couple great scenes written, and some summaries of other scenes. I've lowered my Camp Nano goal down to 50k and am mainly working on organization, right now. Though some of the scenes I've written lately are real tearjerkers. I've been crying my way through my writing, lately, which is oddly fun. Now on to this week's prompt, my characters.

First up are Catie and Eli, of course. As the MC's, they are of course the center of the whole book. I love them to bits and their relationship is fascinating and sometimes heartbreaking. They are ridiculously cute together, but there are some things that just make me cry. But, what can I say about them that most of you don't already know? After all, I've been talking about them for most of this blog. So, I'm going to move on to characters you don't know as well.

And so we'll go to William. While I've written a bio for him on here, already, there is still a lot that is not on there, about him. I love him because he's so different from Catie and Eli. Which makes him fun to write. He's a sarcastic, snarky bastard. But his heart is in the right place. As a young former soldier, he's the most knowledgeable about modern warfare. When it comes time to start planning for the final battle, William is their strategist. He's also the one that first starts to figure out what kind of war is REALLY coming. He's a lot smarter than he lets on, preferring to hide his intelligence behind a back-hills dialect among other things. Eli even calls him out on being a fraud because of that. He becomes Catie's best friend other than Eli and is the rock she leans on when things go horribly wrong.

And then there's Polly. Polly is the second oldest person in the city. A 1300 year old woman trapped for Eternity in a 10 year old girl's body, she'd be an enigma from her age, alone. But she is also a seer, the younger sister of time mage Nicolaus. It was her visions that put the events of both Eternity's Price and Eternity's Redemption in motion. I've nicknamed her "creepy girl", and the only characters that aren't at least a little creeped out by her are Nicolaus and Adam. She talks in riddles, and just basically drives everybody crazy.

And one last character I want to talk about today. I haven't named him yet, and so his name is currently "comic relief". This man cannot be in a scene without making me laugh. From calling Eli "Ellie" to commenting on how easily he "burns" in the sun, and a whole bunch of other stuff. I just laugh at him, all the time.

I could talk about my characters for days. But I should probably spend some time actually WRITING my book, today. So, I'm going to end this here. Come back on Wednesday for a mini-review of Aeon Timeline, a program I just downloaded today to make a timeline for my novel.

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