Friday, April 18, 2014

Have hammer will fix - or why I hate my computer, sometimes

I hate my computer, lately. But in my defence, I’m pretty sure the feeling is mutual. We’ve had a bit of a love-hate relationship for a while now. But every once in a while, it pushes the bounds of that relationship. Today is one of those days. It has once again eaten my novel. I’m sure that at least most of it is in here, somewhere. I am currently too tired to go looking for it. Also, depending on how much was lost, I may throw things. Hopefully the most I’ve lost is the scene summary I wrote yesterday. I can dream, right?

Okay, I know that at least part of my problem is that I don’t back-up enough. If everything was also in my dropbox folder, or on my flashdrive, or even saved elsewhere on the computer under a new name, I wouldn't be freaking out, like this. But my last back-up was before Camp Nano started. I’ve written 30k since then. I know that I need to back-up more often. I admit that part of my problem is just forgetfulness. I FORGET to back-up. But, I need to start doing that. My new writing resolution is to back my novel up every night before bed. To my flash drive, to dropbox, and by creating my own sequential back-ups by creating a new folder with the date every day to have a second place right on my compuyter for it. Then even if the file gets corrupted before I back it up, worst case-scenario I’ve lost a day.

Okay, I worte the first half of this on Wednesday, then got tired and went to bed. So, here it is, Thursday, and I can give an update. I made a new folder called back-ups and I spent the day moving the auto-back-ups from Ywriter into that folder, organizing them by date. And, I lucked out. The back-up from Monday was fine. So, all I’ve lost is the scene summary I wrote on Tuesday. I’m not fully organized, yet, but I AM fully backed up. It’s a start.

Another issue I have with my computer, and this is NOT just me being stupid, is the need to restart it at least once a day. This wouldn’t be such a huge deal, if Chrome wasn’t also stupid. Here’s my issue with Chrome. It has the option to re-open the tabs/windows that were open before when you start it. The problem is, that it only opens the tabs in the last window to close. And even if you right-click and tell it to close all windows, it still closes them one at a time. And so, it will only re-open the last window to close when you told it to close them all. And so, the only way to get Chrome to work properly, is to not shut the computer down, properly. I restart my computer by turning it off and back on at the switch. So basically, I am breaking my computer because Google can’t grasp the concept of re-opening every window you had open, unless you do a force shut-down. I’m considering posting on their help forums to find out if there’s a work around for that, that doesn’t involve me spending an hour combining, and then another hour uncombining browser tabs...

Anyway... Project for tomorrow is to write my 90 Day Writing Challenge check-in post. Which is going to be awesome because I get to talk about my favourite characters. Rather than the backstories (except for where they’re important to understand the character) I’ll be talking about their role in the story and  why I love them. It will be a fun post. I’m also going to finish the scene I had started on Sunday, and hopefully do some more scene summaries. Write club should help with that.

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