Saturday, June 29, 2013

Wewriwa 06-30-2013 And debt repaid

Welcome back everyone. It's time for another snippet of Eternity's Price, my paranormal romance in progress.

The last two weeks we've been watching Eli deal with some major guilt. But we've been watching through Catie's eyes. This snippet is from that same night. Catie is currently in one of Eli's guest rooms as a compromise so that she can be nearby if he needs her, but they aren't sharing a room. We're going to be in Eli's POV for this one. He's alone in his room, and feeling pretty awful about himself. He's looking out his bedroom window as the sun starts to come up - and for a minute he considers leaving his curtains open. Until he thinks of Catie.

Even with her gift blocked, even with him blocking her out, would she be able to block that - or would she feel him die? Could he really put her through that? He thought of the night he had met her. Her anguished scream still rang in his ears, after all this time. No... he loved her too damn much to do that to her. He closed the curtains, again, making sure that they were completely closed. Then he went and laid down again, letting himself fall asleep as the sun came up. His last thought as he fell asleep was that she had repaid her debt - not that he could ever tell her that.

And yes, the answer to the question from last week is that they did break up. They have some serious issues to work out before they can try this again. And before you guys ask - no you didn't miss anything. While there have been a couple hints about something horrible happening the night they met, I haven't shown what that was, yet. It will all come out eventually.

And now for the song I was listening to while writing this scene. It's just perfect for what Eli was feeling in this moment.

Thanks for stopping by. As always, any comments are more than welcome. Next week, we'll see Catie's reaction to what has gone on that night. In the meantime, don't forget to check out all the other great writers at


  1. Wow, some intense stuff in their past, waiting to be revealed! I thought the snippet portrayed the depth of his emotions very nicely. Great 8!

  2. Love how raw his feelings are in this snippet and with his simple actions, wow, well done.
    Love this song too.

  3. I can get a sense of his feelings for her - a lot of mixed feelings which feels like being on a rollercoaster. Nicely done!

  4. Newbie here...don't know the past of this story, but from this snippet, I'm curious about her powers, and what caused the anguished scream.

  5. 'Watching the sunrise' is not the answer! They've certainly got some stuff to work through. Nice snippet.

  6. This is my 1st time on your blog, and I'm sorry I missed seeing the action through Catie's eyes... it sounds like they've got some serious gifts between them... almost like the incredible gifts needs to be balanced out by an equal amount of tension and tragedy. Eli's voice sounds like he's losing hope but he still cares... great tension and I learned a lot about using a character's thoughts (I'm a total newbie) to carry the story line. Thanks for a great snippet!

  7. Eli seems full of contradiction. He'd better fix himself before breaking Catie's heart.