Sunday, June 9, 2013

Wewriwa 06/09/2013 "Ya'll just make your head explode."

Welcome back! It's that time again. Time for another snippet from my paranormal romance, Eternity's Price. This week is from the scene I've been promising you for the past two weeks. After Catie managed to confuse the heck out of Eli a couple weeks ago, he's decided to talk to a friend of his about it. The theory is that if the confusion is an age thing, rather than gender, William should be able to explain it. Yeah... it's not the difference in ages. This scene is actually taking place the night after the last two scenes, which both took place the same night. We start with William speaking.

"Dude, she's a chick. Do yourself a favor and don't bother trying to understand her. Ya'll just make your head explode"

"So it's not just an age thing?"

William burst into laughter. "Nah, it ain't just an age thing. So, care to explain how in the world ya've never run into this issue before? I know for a fact this ain't your first relationship; ya've never run into this with Esther?"

 I'm not sure I captured his dialect properly. I can hear his accent in my head, but seem to be having trouble capturing it, properly. But, that's William. I may actually post his bio on Friday rather than the one I had planned for Nicolaus.

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  1. It's better if it's a gender thing than if it's an age thing because at least he won't start thinking that he could avoid it.

  2. I know it can be tricky to capture an accent or dialogue accurately while not being overwhelming. You'll probably hit upon the perfect way to write it over the course of writing and editing.

  3. Good advice for all men; never try to understand us. Your heads will definitely explode! ☺ I thought the accent sounded good, but don't know the finer points of American dialects.

  4. Ha! Yep, heads explode on the regular! Very nice :)

  5. Guys really don't always get it. nice 8.

  6. Good 8. I do think you made him stand out in his dialogue. I was trying to say it in my head like you put it on the page.
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  7. Loved your snippet - especially the opening line! Nicely done.

  8. I think you've captured the dialogue really well. This has been my first week on wewriwa so I've not been able to read your previous scenes and felt a bit in the dark about what was going on, but your characters have definite voices that make them feel unique to someone stepping in in the middle of the story. :)