Friday, February 22, 2013

Introducing: Eli

Full Name: Elijah Carrington Cavendish
DOB: March 7, 1726
Apparent Age: 23
Height: 5'11" Weight: 140
Family: Basilius

Born the youngest son of a Duke in the outskirts of London. In 1731 he was the only member of his family to survive a raid on his home. He spent the next several years being shuffled from one family to another, finally finding a true home at the age of 10. In 1747 he met a young woman named Josephine Leighton who he soon fell in love with. After two years of courtship, he planned on proposing, however tragedy struck. The night he was going to propose, he instead was turned into a vampire by a woman named Anastasia Delaney, who then arranged for Josephine to be his first meal. Not yet fully aware of of what he had become, he ended up draining her dry, killing her from blood loss. He stayed with Anastasia for seven years, until learning not only that she was well aware of who Josephine was and that she had intended for him to kill her, but also that the raid that had killed his family had been arranged by her. He left her in anger, vowing to never have anything further to do with her. This caused Anastasia to vow to destroy him, and he spent the next 257 years on the run, constantly trying to hide from her. In 1944 while serving in a special unit of the British army, he happened to be in Cassino, Italy the night that it was bombed and helped another vampire named Catalina  Terranova save her younger sister and nephew. He stayed with them for about a month while pulling some strings to get Catalina's brother-in-law sent home. He wandered around most of Europe, always trying to stay ahead of Anastasia until 2001 when Anastasia found him in Calais, France and he ran to America. In 2012 he moved toSangue Collina, Illinois, and met a young lawyer named Esther Rivers. When Esther discovered his true nature, he took her under his protection and they became lovers. When Catalina arrives in March of 2013  he starts to admit to himself that he may have feelings for her that go beyond friendship. An admittance that wracks him with guilt when Esther is murdered a week later.

About the picture: I have no idea why my muse decided on Josh Duhamel for Eli. Maybe she just likes to look at him (not that I blame her). This picture isn't QUITE what I had in mind when I envisioned him, but it's close. Attribution: Josh Duhamel 2 by Jerry Avenaim under CC-BY-SA-2.5,2.0,1.0; Released under the GNU Free Documentation License.

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