Monday, February 25, 2013

Computer Issues

So, the cord to my laptop somehow got all frayed - to the point that there is now a kind of hole in the thing. There is a section where the wires don't connect at all. I have no idea how this happened. It started acting up Tuesday night, where I had to keep jiggling it to get it to work, then part of the way through the day on Wednesday it broke the rest of the way. (I could have my days mixed up - somewhere in the chat logs I managed to salvage is the conversation I was having as the battery died.) So, when it stopped charging no matter what I did I got onto a mad dash to try to salvage stuff.

Thank the Gods for Dropbox, and that I already had it as a backup system. I started transferring files and who knows what else over to it to keep access to them and managed to get, I thought, most of the stuff by the time the battery died. I actually thought wrong. Turns out that just transferring the main file of my book from my writing program didn't quite cut it. All the other files in that folder were apparently what made the program able to read it. Lovely. Luckily, my sister's laptop is the same brand, so I was able to borrow her cord for a few hours and get the proper files transferred - as well as a few other things I had forgotten.

So, file wise, I think I'm okay. Of course, my new problem is that my desktop is old and cranky. In some ways it's actually somehow FASTER than my laptop, but there are still all kinds of issues. It's running an old version of Windows XP, which I can't get any "modern" browsers to work on. So, a lot of websites are not happy with me, right now. And this is one of them. I can't post comments to blogs - even my own. I can't seem to post pictures. Which means that Fridays' Introduction posts have to be done while my parents are grocery shopping and I can get at my mom's computer. Hence the later times, now.

A new laptop had been quickly making its way to the top of my list of things to get once I got a job - it has now definitely jumped to the head of the line. Between the duct tape holding one corner together, and the cord issues, I am totally done with the thing. Obviously, I'm going to start with a replacement cord so that I can also salvage everything else I have on there, but otherwise I'm done. (Actually, I'm probably going to get one of those universal chargers that comes with different attachments to use in different computers so that I will also have it as a backup charger for my new one once I get it.) As soon as I can afford to replace it, it's gone.

So, that's been my adventure this week. It shouldn't affect any postings except the time of day that I post Fridays' Introductions. (Knock on wood)

Come back on Wednesday for my normal weekly ramble.

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  1. Good luck with the computer issues. I keep a back up of my docs on my work computer now. But when our company closes next year, I'll have to get on Dropbox too. I've heard it's really good.