Friday, February 15, 2013

Introducing: Catie

Full name: Catalina Amelia Lombardi-Terranova
DoB: September 16, 1908
Apparent Age: 25
Height: 5'8"    Weight: 135
Family: Basilius

Born in Cassino, Italy to a family that claimed to have been directly descended from the Lombards, though she always suspected that was an affectation. After the death of her daughter in 1931 she left Cassino, and eventually found herself in a town called Novara, where she volunteered at a small hospital, working nights in the pediatric ward. There she met a young nurse named Sophia who was MUCH older than she looked. Sophia ended up turning Catie into a vampire in 1933 and spent the next 10 years teaching her everything she needed to know about what it really means to be immortal. Catie then returned home to Cassino to keep watch over her family - from a distance of course. When the town was bombed in 1944 she was able to rescue her younger sister and nephew with the help of another vampire named Elijah Cavendish, but watched helplessly as her parents' house exploded with them in it. After spending the next 69 years wandering around Europe and Asia, she arrives in Sangue Collina, Illinois, USA in March of 2013, looking to reconnect with Elijah after having lost touch with him 12 years ago. And things are never the same for either of them, after that.

About the picture: I was writing Catie's first scene, that included her turning a guy who tried to rape her into a little snack, while my mom was watching Castle. I had my headphones on so I couldn't hear the television, but every single time I glanced up, Beckett was on the screen looking all ticked off. By the end of the scene, Catie was looking like Stana Katic in my head. Attribution: "Stana Katic Splash" by Tyler Parker is licenced under CC BY-SA 3.0

I'm changing my posting schedule due to getting involved in a blog hop. I have joined Weekend Writing Warriors at So Sundays I will be posting 8 sentences from my book, I'm moving my normal rambles to Wednesdays, and keeping my Introducing... feature on Fridays. 

Come back Sunday to see Eli's reaction to finding out that Catie is in town.

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