Saturday, February 15, 2014

Introducing: Ana

Name: Anastasia Delaney
Age: 372
Apparent age: 21
Height: 5'6"  Weight: 130
Clan: Basilius

Anastasia's family was titled, but her father had gambled away most of their money. In an attempt to get himself out of financial ruin, Lord Delaney looked for a rich merchant he could marry his only child off to. Anastasia didn't care to be auctioned off to the highest bidder and ran away when she discovered the plan.

After four years of making a meager living as a seamstress, she eventually met a very strange little girl named Polly who seemed to know things were going to happen before they did. Which is probably how Polly found her the night she was attacked. A blow to the head had left Anastasia barely clinging to life, until Polly and another woman Ana had never met before found her. The woman that Polly was with, Rebecca Carter, turned Ana into a vampire to save her.

Several years later, Polly introduced Ana to her brother Nicolaus. Nicolaus was not a vampire, but rather an immortal mage. Ana ended up falling in love with him, and was crushed when he left her one night, with no explanation. 

Two hundred eighty-two years ago, Nicolaus found her again, in order to tell her that Polly had been killed. Ana, by this time, had developed a vindictive streak. She vowed revenge against the vampire hunter that had killed Polly, and hired a mercenary vampire to kill the man. Instead of just killing the man himself, the rogue vampire killed the entire family, leaving only one five year old child, Elijah Cavendish, alive. 

Eighteen years later, that same child was at a ball that Ana was hosting. She tried to seduce him, and when that failed, decided to feed from him. She accidentally took too much and killed him. In a panic, she had one of her servants bring the girl he had been at the ball with to her room, and then she turned him. When he awoke, she offered the girl as his first meal and watched as he drained her dry. Then she altered his memories so that he wouldn't remember exactly how everything had happened.

For seven years he stayed with her. Until he discovered the truth about his family's deaths, how he had been turned, and that Ana had intended for him to kill Josephine. After he walked out on her, Ana vowed to destroy him. She spent the next two and a half centuries chasing him around the world, until the night he came looking for her.

About the picture: I just love Amanda Seyfried. And she looks exactly like how I've always imagined Ana. Yes, the picture is in black and white. I just thought it was perfect for her. Attribution: Amanda Seyfried 09 by gdcgraphics CC-BY-SA-2.0

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