Thursday, February 20, 2014

Help me pick a facebook cover picture

So, I've spent the past few days playing around in GIMP trying to make the cover photo for my facebook page. My original concept was to have a cityscape, some text, and maybe a picture of a wineglass and/or a sword. (I had semi-logical reasons behind all of those elements.) Well, I found a picture I liked for the background, and added my text. And suddenly wasn't sure I really liked my concept. Plus, adding more than the background photo and the text would end up being VERY busy, thanks to cityscapes actually being rather busy pictures in and of themselves.

So, then it was time to play on Morguefile looking for inspiration. And I found it. There was a picture on there that was very similar to the background of the character Siggy I had posted on here a few months ago, only using hearts instead of circles. I fell in love with the idea, though I wasn't all that thrilled with the execution. But, since I had already done something very similar to that, I figured I could easily make my own.

Which I did. I found some great free brushes and made my own background image of floating hearts. Very romance novel-y, I think. And then while playing around with the top layer, I found two different colour schemes I liked. One was a kind of darkened rainbow effect, the other was a straight up wine/blood red colour. I also have three different fonts I like for one of the text boxes.

So, there is my dilemma. And that is where you guys come in. Here are the different pictures I made. I still need to do some tweaking of font colours, I think, but I refuse to mess with it any more until I know which picture I'm using, since that will likely affect which colours would work on it.

Picture 1, the cityscape with the question in Mirage Gothic:

Picture 2 the red hearts, with the question in Cloister Black: 

Picture 3, darkened rainbow with Gothic Ultra font: 

Ignore the green box in the corner and the little facebook banners on the top and bottom. I'm using a template to make sure I have everything lined up correctly, and obviously, getting rid of the extra layers from the template is going to be my last step. Please feel free to comment with any ideas, or suggestions you have. And if you think that any of the options need something more to them than what I have. Graphic design is NOT my strong suit.

And now for the polls:

Which font do you like better for the question at the top?

Which background do you like better?

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