Sunday, April 14, 2013

Wewriwa 04/14/13

Welcome back! Argh! I totally forgot to post Phoenix's bio on Friday, then yesterday I was doing Nanothon then had a b-day party to go to. I will post it tomorrow to get myself back on track.

Today's snippet is from a scene of  one of what I like to call my little puppetmasters showing Seamus something VERY interesting. These are the last lines of the scene and come after Seamus has left the apartment.

Adam slumped into his chair. "Sanctimonious bastard. How long have I been conspiring to destroy Eli? You, of all people, dare to ask me that? Two-faced bastard." He smiled. "Though, I suppose that calling you a bastard isn't quite the insult to you it would be to someone else. After all, it's true, isn't it?" He chuckled, then got up and walked into the bedroom to check on Esther.

Wait, what? Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you read that last line right. :) (And if you've been following from the beginning, you know why that line is so odd.) So, what exactly is going on, here? Next week's snippet will be Catie and Eli talking again. In the meantime, check out all the other great writers over at

Come back tomorrow for the character bio I was supposed to post on Friday, and then I'll get back on my normal schedule.

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  1. Adam sure is angry about something! I loved his dialogue, his emotions came across loud and clear.