Friday, March 21, 2014

90 Day Writing Challenge - Week One

Okay, the 90 day writing challenge starts today. Week one's post is to introduce my project and give my goals. Those of you that have been following from the beginning already know the project I'm working on. But I'll reiterate for those here for the challenge. Plus, this gives me a chance to talk in more depth all at once.

So, as most of you already know, I'm working on a Paranormal Romance friends to lovers story called Eternity's Price. It's about two vampires, Catalina Terranova and Elijah Cavendish, who met in Italy during World War 2, and fell in love. However, for various reasons they never admitted it even to themselves, much less to each other. For the next 57 years they wandered in and out of each others' lives at irregular intervals, with both of them needed to keep on the move so nobody would notice that they weren't aging. Plus, Eli had a psychopathic vampire on his tail who wanted him dead. So, of course he had to stay one step ahead of Anastasia. Twelve years ago, in Calais, France, they had been together for a while until Eli saw Ana and ran, this time to America. For the next twelve years, Catie honestly thought that Eli might have been dead. A month before our story starts, Catie bites the bullet and hires a private detective to find Eli. The story starts with Catie arriving in Sangue Collina, the city that Eli has been living in for the past several months.

Things should be great after that. But, in a city filled with vampires, nothing ever goes smoothly. There are things going on in the background, things they don't know about. And before this is done, their entire world will turn upside down, and Sangue Collina would become a battleground.

As for my goals, as I mentioned yesterday, I want to write 150k in April, which should finish my first draft. Then I have 2 more months left to the challenge to work on fixing my timeline and starting a rewrite. I'd love to finish the rewrite and have it ready for CP's by then, but I know that the rewrite could take time, and I'm not going to beat myself up if it isn't there, yet.

And that's my first check-in for the 90 day writing challenge. Next week, I'll be writing on Monday, because I've been tagged in a blog hop type thing to write about my writing process. I wonder how many of the questions in it I actually answered here? Oh well. See you all on Monday.


  1. Haha yours is actually more detailed than mine ><
    But, it's so exciting! At least you know where you're going to be at what month, etc.

  2. Sounds very exciting and you will definitely be busy - good luck! :)