Thursday, March 20, 2014

Writing challenges

So, I have officially signed up for two overlapping writing challenges. They work well together, so it's not a huge deal, but oh dear Gods, committing to writing like this is scary. First up, is a 90 day writing challenge. It's exactly what it says on the tin. Write every day for 90 days straight. It starts tomorrow. And it is what's going to alter my "blogging schedule", yes I'm aware that I haven't been keeping to my schedule, anyway. But, the writing challenge involves blogging about my progress every week. Since the challenge starts tomorrow, I'll be doing my weekly check-ins on Fridays. Which means that when I get around to character bios, they will have to be on a different day. I will still be doing my Wednesday Rambles, though. I bought a book of writing prompts, so when I get stumped on blog topics, I'll skim through that to find something. Hopefully that will help keep me better on schedule. 

My second writing challenge coming up, is Camp Nanowrimo. I've set a goal of 150k because "5k a day is such a nice, round number". Also because I am a masochist. But really, it's because I am determined to finish this thing, and I'm hoping that the structure of Camp Nano will give me the boost I need. I seem to need someone to be accountable to to get anything done.So, yes. During April, I will be trying to write 150k words. While also, ya know, looking for a job and stuff. Let the games begin.

One last thing. I am doing research and will be moving this blog as soon as the 90 day challenge is over. Hopefully to my own website. I'll work on building the new one during the challenge and keep you all informed of what I'm doing with it. 

And that has been my ramble for this week. Come back tomorrow for my first blog of the challenge, where I'll be talking a bit about my project and what I hope to accomplish over the next 90 days.

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