Sunday, July 7, 2013

Wewriwa 07-07-2013 - Nothing more she could do

Welcome back, everyone. Well, it's Sunday, again. And that means another snippet from my paranormal romance Eternity's Price. Two weeks ago, we watched my vampire couple, Eli and Catie break up over Eli really just not being emotionally ready for a relationship. Last week, we saw some of Eli's reaction to the break-up.

This week, we'll see Catie's. This is actually happening at about the same time as last week's post. Maybe even a little before it since it's earlier in Catie's scene than last week's had been in Eli's. She's trying to figure out what went so wrong between their first couple nights as a couple and now. Her own insecurities have gotten the better of her and she'd thinking that maybe he just never really loved her, or wanted her. And here are some of her thoughts on that:

That fear was what had kept her from looking inside his head that second night, the fear that she wouldn't like what she saw. 

Which was stupid, really; what was her own pain compared to his? Except... he had said that he needed that. So, even if it wasn't really what he wanted in the end, at least she had been able to give him something when he needed it. She turned around, leaning against the door and then slumped down to sit on the floor, drawing her knees up to her chest. She considered trying to reach out to him, but then changed her mind. Feeling his pain would do nothing but make her feel worse. There was nothing more she could do for him.

Poor girl. I kind of hate seeing her feeling so helpless and useless. Come back next week where we'll pick up... technically later that day, but the next night. (I have officially decided that time phrases are the bane of people who write about vampires. Since the date changes over in the middle of their "day" things get confusing when you're talking about right after the sun goes down again when it's already after midnight.) In the meantime, don't forget to check out the other great writers over at

And finally, the song I was listening to for this scene. This one is once again in Italian - but I think it may be the last of them.


  1. What an incredible gift, to be able to get inside someone's soul to the extent that you can fully feel what they are feeling... if I understand your character's special gifts... I'm especially intrigued, because I don't know much about vampires or writing about vampires... but it intrigues me at your characters ability to experience emotions to such a deep level. It sounds like an incredible gift, but one that has its downside, too.... good writing!

  2. Poor girl indeed. I was very intrigued reading her train of thought - terrific snippet!

  3. Great emotion. Poor Catie! Enjoyed your 8! :D